Two Roll Mixing Mill

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Our Company
Qingdao Maoyuanfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, located in Qingdao City. Our goal is to provide the best tire making machinery to worldwide users with our latest rubber technology. During years of researching and developing, we have expanded our product range with our patent technology. Now we are supplying not only machines for rubber compound mixing process, extruding process, calendering process, tire building process, curing process but also complete tire plant solution for our customers. We are your reliable rubber machinery supplier!
Our Products
Tire making machinery: Rubber kneader, batch-off cooling line, Two roll open mixing mill, tire building machine, motorcycle tire curing Press,
Tire and wheel: motorcycle tire and inner tube, rubber wheel, pneumatic wheel, solid wheel, PU form wheel, SEMI pneumatic wheel, caster.
Our service
Motorcycle tire plant solution-design, machinery, raw material, manufacture.
Motorcycle tire and tube OEM service.Two Roll Mixing Mill
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